Midland Chiropractic Sport Rehab, Good Partners, Good Projects

The Wirt-Rivette Group, or WRG, provides property and equipment financing for growing businesses. One unique program they offer is the Equity Builder, which allows clients the opportunity to obtain 100 percent financing through a partnership with WRG. This option affords businesses—especially those that need to continue to use their capital gain for growth—the opportunity to own real estate instead of paying rent.

Dr. Jeff and Kristin Berard, a local couple and entrepreneurs, partnered with WRG to create Midland Chiropractic Sport Rehab. The building, scheduled to open in mid-December, will also house FitGear, offering stylish men’s and women’s active wear, Fit ‘n Fresh order pick-up, nutrition consulting, healthy family lifestyle training and coaching, and Team ABB-Rx coaching for men’s and women’s bodybuilding contest preparation.

Jeff Berard explains, “WRG has been extremely accommodating with us and our needs. They have allowed us to be involved as much or as little as we wish. If your objective is to preserve capital, I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t use WRG!”

Kristin Berard adds, “WRG has definitely helped us with decisions. Because of their experience, they have helped us move forward much quicker than we would have on our own. They have the best interest of the community and its residents at heart.” With a proven record of good projects with good partners, like the Berards, WRG’s program may be right for your business.

To discuss your goals and to assist in identifying custom solutions, please contact Eric Finnigan, VP of property development.

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