Equipment Leasing

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration

  • 85% of all companies lease equipment
  • 89% of those companies will lease equipment again in the future
  • 75% of all companies that lease indicate that leasing is their average-to-best means for financing equipment purchases

Leasing Benefits Include:

  • 100% Financing
  • Flexible lease terms: 12-60 Months
  • Tax deductible payment
  • Leasing will not tie up bank lines or affect credit
  • Fast approval process
  • Applies to all equipment types, new or used
  • Ownership at the end of term with flexible buyout options

Special Rate Program: We will partner with your preferred bank to offer you a lease rate that is 2-4% lower than competing bank terms.

Frequently Leased Items

  • Industrial

    Forklifts, CNC machines, lathes, presses, cranes, trailers, etc.

  • excavator-bucket

  • vehicle leasing

  • Vehicles

    From luxury cars to commercial trucks, leasing with WRG gives you the opportunity for ownership without mileage restrictions.

  • Medical/Dental

    EKG machines, x-ray, cosmetic surgery, lab equipment, etc.

  • Medical Equipment Lease

  • Commercial Copy Machine

  • Commercial/Office

    Computers, copiers, fax machines, furniture, phones, etc.

  • Sale Leaseback

    Refinance existing equipment to receive working capital.


  • Tractor

  • Beer Church Brewing Equipment

  • Brewing

    Beer brewing systems, canning equipment, brewing equipment.

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