Mishigami Group and the Wirt-Rivette Group form Drone Finance Unlimited, LLC.

Mishigami Group based in Holland, MI and the Wirt-Rivette Group from Saginaw have started one of the first drone financing companies in the United States, Drone Financing Unlimited, LLC  (DFU).

The commercial drone industry is estimated to reach $5.59 billion by 2020 and could generate over $84 billion and 100,000 jobs in the next decade according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  “With the boom in hobby flying as well as the new regulation for commercial pilots, this is a reachable goal,” states Jeremy Latchaw President of Mishigami Group a Michigan company specializing in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data science and owners of a DJI (the world’s largest drone manufacturer) dealership. “Our goal at Mishigami is to help industrial and public organizations get this state-of-the-art technology in order to help the environment through more efficient data collection and analysis as well as to save lives,” said Latchaw.

The Wirt-Rivette Group, a 30 year company with various finance and entrepreneurial support programs, has an equipment leasing division and also provides creative financing solutions for businesses. With this new finance partnership in DFU, Wirt-Rivette Group will assist public safety as well as municipalities acquire the UAVs using a leasing option. This will help clients and organizations to obtain the benefits of an unmanned program without being concerned with budget constraints.

“A lease option will support more expeditious approvals,” said Clarence Rivette, “thereby getting programs started earlier than once thought.”

The partnership brings a wealth of knowledge from the drone industry as well as the finance industry together. It is a first of its kind and will support commercial and public organizations to utilize drone technology for operations and enhanced, data based decisions. DFU Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) range in price from $2,000-$150,000.

Additional information on Mishigami Group can be found at www.mishigamigroup.com.

Additional information on Wirt-Rivette Group can be found at www.WirtRivetteGroup.com.

To learn more about Drone Financing Unlimited contact Brandon Loomis at 800.777.9478.

For Immediate Release: September 26, 2016

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