“Helping clients grow is our business.”

–Clarence Rivette & Steve Wirt 

The Wirt-Rivette Group (WRG) has been privileged to assist various companies in achieving their growth and revenue goals. Each company is unique and WRG provides them with custom executive finance and business consulting services and programs.

As WRG engages with consulting clients, critical deliverables emerge in the areas of leadership, growth related strategies, organizational effectiveness, support systems, training, individual and team performance.

WRG assesses an organization’s current reality with questions. Examples include:

  • Is our growth plan providing the alignment and direction for the organization to execute the strategic goals and objectives in the plan? Will the plan take you where you want to be in the next two years? Five years?
  • Are the strategic goals and objectives, behaviors and activities of the organization resulting in the projected and required profit levels necessary to sustain and grow the business?
  • Do your strategic reviews and internal processes allow the organization to maximize opportunities and engage leaders in assessing strategic shifts in a dynamic, global business environment?

Companies interested in executing their own Sustainable Growth program will have an active, current and dynamic Vision, Mission and Growth Plan. If one or more of these strategic foundational elements are not currently in place, WRG can assist your company.

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